Brugarolas G. Beslux Plex Bar M-2


Brugarolas G. Beslux Plex Bar M-2 is a very modern range of greases provided with high resistance to aging, water wash out, hot water, vapor, acid and alkaline solutions, etc… All these properties ensure a long useful life and extended lubricating periods, consequently a lower consumption.
The above mentioned properties plus high antiwear capacity, excellent adhesion to metal even with vibrations, and resistance to temperatures up to 150ÂșC, make our Brugarolas G. Beslux Plex Bar M-2 range very suitable in a wide application field such as :

  •  Water, acids, alkaline bleach pumps.
  • Extractors and fans in wet ambience.
  • Plain bearings and bearings in the textile and leather industries.
  • Mechanisms exposed to vapor in the paper industry.
  • Wheels bearings in all types of vehicles.
  • Driers in the wood industry.
  • Chains and roller belts in the packing industry.
  • Vibrators.
  • Anticorrosive protection in sprayers walls.
  • Centralized systems in granulating machines

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