Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Operational Benefits Silicone Oils are defined chemical compounds, which are very resistant. Because of the low vapour pressure, they are ideal as a propellant for diffusion pumps. Silicone oils do not show any aging problems or detectable chemical changes even after a large number of inrushes of air. for TDS Click Here

Sloan Lubricant Oil Grease 5 Litre Bucket

CPC-100 is a heavy duty rust preventive which bonds to metal surfaces to seal out oxygen and present rust and corrosion. On evaporation of solvent CPC-100 gives a film which is slightly flexible, capable of being handled, thermoplastic and transparent. Ideal for medium term protection of parts, pipes and other items in storage or transit.

Sloan Lubricant Oil Grease 5 Litre Bucket

Electrical contacts are often manufactured from relatively soft materials, which are subject to wear. Additionally the contact surface oxides, increasing resistance, there is a special product for lubricating electrical contacts. Contact Grease – CU contains copper particle which is used when you need particles (conductive) to assist in oxide breakup and you require good lubrication

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Circulation Oil-HP is premium quality general circulation oil. Circulation Oil-HP is formulated from solvent refined high viscosity index paraffinic base stock combined with anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, to ensure protection against, wear and high temperature operations. Operational Benefits  Excellent high temperature chemical and oxidation stability  Excellent wear protection for longer equipment life  Superior

400gm Tin

Brake Cleaner is a full strength cleaner/degreaser that safely and effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil, and other contaminants from brake components, and it can be applied without disassembly of brakes. Operational Benefits  Cleans instantly, penetrates rapidly, and evaporates fast.  Effectively removes impurities from brake components  When applied, it stops squeaks and squeals, Leaves no


PRISTA LITHIUM 2 is lithium thickened lubricating grease based on high quality mineral base oil. The grease contains antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and AW additives as well as water resistance and mechanical stability improvers. The product is a general multipurpose grease suitable for a wide spectrum of applications within given temperature limits. Performance Features

ANTISEIZE PASTE Antiseize and antirust paste. Superior to protect any type of bolts, screws and threads as well as endless screws, hinges, slide bearings and bearings exposed to high temperatures, vibrations, etc Specifically designed to be used under high temperatures whenever corrosion, seizing and generally blockage or threads must be faced. PROPERTIES – Makes de

ANTISEIZE PASTE FREE COPPER APPLICATIONS Antiseize and anticorrosive paste. intended for the protection of any type of screw, bolt, threaded connections as well as for endless screw, etc. also suitable as a anti-adherent paste on aluminium die casting. PROPERTIES − Special product intended for very high temperature whenever there is corrosion, seizing, scoring and generally

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Sloan Silicone Fluid 350 is a polydimethylsiloxane polymer manufactured to yield essentially linear polymers in a wide range of average kinematic viscosities. Applications: Active ingredient in a variety of automotive, furniture, metal and specialty polishes in paste, emulsion and solvent-based polishes and aerosols. Various applications including cosmetic ingredient, elastomer and plastics lubricant, electrical insulating fluid,

GA Bessil 25

Brugarolas G.A. BESSIL-25 is a food grade inorganic soap thickened silicone grease. It is intended for the general lubrication of mechanisms operated under strong temperature variations, water action and chemical ambiences. It is intended mostly for the lubrication of taps. PROPERTIES Good lubricating capacity. Superior resistance to cold/hot water and chemical agents. Wide range of

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