nabakem l-840

L-840 is a lubricating and anti-rusting penetration agent forming thin film on metal surface to protect all kinds of metal. With excellent water displace ability and penetrability, it is ideal for keeping outdoor electric systems and ordinary equipment. With high moisture- proofing ability, it prevents short of electric products, and protects metals against rust and corrosion.


Long #2 is a special long-term antirust agent. It is specially manufactured to be used in the chemical environment like hard weather condition or severe corrosion. Thick wax-type film protects equipment against moisture, acid, alkali and salinity. Excellent effects for lengthening service life, decreasing abrasion caused by corrosion, and lubrication. Features Powerful antirust agent (indoors : 3 years,

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Wire Pulling Compound is a water-soluble polymer gel with PTFE specifically designed to facilitate smooth pulling of electrical and communications wires and cables. It clings to the cable to provide maximum friction reduction and superior lubricity throughout the entire pull and to avoid wire damage from high pulling forces. It dries to a very thin

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Turbine Oil-68 is a premium quality lubricating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of steam turbines and many other industrial applications. These oils are made from severely hydro processed (API Group II) base oils, which have been carefully selected to provide satisfactory viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies and good water separation properties. In addition, they

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Syntholube-125 is a high temperature resistant heat transfer synthetic fluid that maintains its light color over a long period of time. It does not undergo increased oxidation or cracking. It offers a better viscosity / temperature behaviour, have no tendency to foam formation, do not undergo premature ageing, or produce undesirable residues or decomposition products.

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Syntholube-90 is super quality synthetic gear lubricant, with honey like consistency and high adhesive properties, especially designed to meet the needs of all bearing surface and precision equipment, where high demands are is a very long service life is required. Syntholube-90 is intended for rolling and plain bearings, sintered metal bearings, drying cylinders, sizing dryers,

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Glass Cleaner contains special agents to cut through the problems of soil, dirt, and haze smudges greasy soot etc. Found on mirrors, glass doors, display cases, wind shields, windows and even metallic and finished surfaces. Operational Benefits  Helps keep your windows looking like new  Streak-free shine  Easily removes tough road grime and interior film  Safe

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Specification of Silicone Fluid 350 cSt. for TDS Click Here

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Rustolene is a versatile multipurpose product containing high quality rust inhibitors, surface active agents, water displacing agents, blended in solvents to give the product excellent  penetrating qualities. When applied to the surface to be protected, the solvent evaporates, leaving a thin film which provides lubrication and corrosion protection. Rust Preventive Protects all metals from rust

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Lubklene is a heavy duty industrial lubricant and cleaner. Direction  Use with adequate ventilation, inhaling of vapour should be avoided,  Keep away from heat of flam.  No smoking during use.  Contents under pressure.  Do not puncture, incinerate of store above 120°F for TDS Click Here

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