Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Specification of Silicone Fluid 350 cSt. for TDS Click Here

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Lubklene is a heavy duty industrial lubricant and cleaner. Direction  Use with adequate ventilation, inhaling of vapour should be avoided,  Keep away from heat of flam.  No smoking during use.  Contents under pressure.  Do not puncture, incinerate of store above 120°F for TDS Click Here

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DuPont Performance Lubricants understands the needs and challenges of textile manufacturers and mills. Our DuPont™ Krytox® oils and greases provide cost-effective, proven, superior performance and extended life to textile machinery, preventing costly equipment failure, maintenance and downtime. That’s why we are a leading supplier of high performance PFPE lubricants to the textile industry. Krytox® lubricants


BESLUX MOLYSPRAY builds a completely homogeneous, adhesive, long life lubricating film, which resists high pressures and strong temperatures variations. Thus, it provides better sliding and reduces the friction coefficient. It is used for the lubrication of spindles, guides, screws, sliders, axles, bolts, and hardly reachable mechanisms. BESLUX MOLYSPRAY avoids residues and dust particles adhesion to

Formulated Oven Chain Lubricants Product Description Lexolube CPE OCL Oven Chain Lubricants are made from complex ester base stocks and additives that optimize the performance and stability the lubricant. They are available in a range of viscosities for most moderately high temperature operations. Features and Benefits Fully Formulated, Ready to Use Low Friction, Anti-wear, EP


SYNTHETIC OIL FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE LUBRICATION BESLUX RAMCA 320 it’s”solid-free” synthetic oil for high temperature and heavy loads lubrication. Builds a transparent lubricating film with excellent load carrying capacity, even at extreme temperatures. BESLUX RAMCA 320 leaves practically no residues, even when is overheated. Neither hard carbon residues nor lacquers are produced on central lubrication

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Chainlube and Chainlube spray (Aerosol) are manufactured from highly stable blends of synthetic fluids, which are clean and non-carbonising in use and provide wet lubrication of bearings subjected to continuous high temperatures. They contain no silicones. for TDS Click Here

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Chainlube-M is a colloidal dispersion of Molybdenum Disulphide in mineral oil. The material contains additives, which maximize resistance to drip. Application of the material by automatic lubrication system is still possible. Formulated for chain and conveyor for lubrication at ambient temperatures. Suitable up to 180ºC. for TDS Click Here

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

HTL-300 Synthetic Heat Resistant Chain Lubricant is formulated from high quality synthesized base stock and additives to provide an optimum combination of premium cleanliness, enhanced oxidation stability, low volatility and higher operating temperatures. The good viscosity index allows functional to be maintained at high temperatures. for TDS Click Here

Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

HTL Plus is synthetic base high temperature lubricating oil designed for use applications upto 450 °F. It offers superior lubrication for high temperature ovens chains conveyors and various bearings exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Contains Molybdenum Disulfide that will continue to give lubrication upto 750 °F in the absence of base fluid. for TDS Click

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