Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

Turbine Oil-68 is a premium quality lubricating oils designed to provide excellent lubrication of steam turbines and many other industrial applications. These oils are made from severely hydro processed (API Group II) base oils, which have been carefully selected to provide satisfactory viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies and good water separation properties. In addition, they

ANTISEIZE PASTE Antiseize and antirust paste. Superior to protect any type of bolts, screws and threads as well as endless screws, hinges, slide bearings and bearings exposed to high temperatures, vibrations, etc Specifically designed to be used under high temperatures whenever corrosion, seizing and generally blockage or threads must be faced. PROPERTIES – Makes de

ANTISEIZE PASTE FREE COPPER APPLICATIONS Antiseize and anticorrosive paste. intended for the protection of any type of screw, bolt, threaded connections as well as for endless screw, etc. also suitable as a anti-adherent paste on aluminium die casting. PROPERTIES − Special product intended for very high temperature whenever there is corrosion, seizing, scoring and generally

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