Sloan Lubricant Oil 4 Litre Pack

HRO-32 is a clear, transparent, highly refined, non-staining textile oil with high technology additive package. Its colorless property reduces the possibility of stain. Operational Benefits  Excellent oxidation and thermal stability for prolonged lubrication life  Preventing overheating and wear  Excellent ability to adhere metal surface for proper lubrication.  Premium cleanliness Application HRO-32 is recommended for circular


Acrycoat-303 is a hydroxyl functional acrylic polymer supplied as 60% solutions in solvent. Acrycoat when properly cross linked is characterized by a good balance in mechanical properties combined with light and weathering resistance properties. Applications Acrycoat-303 is a readily soluble and can be further diluted to application viscosity by alcohols, ketones, esters, ether ester, aromatic


Acrycoat-203 is a thermoplastic acrylic resin supplied as a 50% solids level in Aromatic 100. It finds use in many different types of industrial coatings applications in lacquer finishes. Applications Acrycoat-203 is a general purpose Acrylic resin suitable for use in concrete and masonry coatings, general metal finishes and wood coatings. Coatings formulated with Acrycoat-203

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