BESLUX MOLYSPRAY builds a completely homogeneous, adhesive, long life lubricating film, which resists high pressures and strong temperatures variations. Thus, it provides better sliding and reduces the friction coefficient. It is used for the lubrication of spindles, guides, screws, sliders, axles, bolts, and hardly reachable mechanisms.

BESLUX MOLYSPRAY avoids residues and dust particles adhesion to the sliding surfaces, mainly in the textile industry. Therefore BESLUX MOLYSPRAY is suitable to lubricate width adjusting spindles in tensing tenters.

Dry film spray lubricant with Molybdenum Bisulphide intended for service Temperatures up to 450? C.

Prior to BESLUX MOLYSPRAY spraying, clean the metallic surfaces. Hold the can about 25-30 cm distance from the part to be sprayed over. After using hold the can upside down until the exhaust of pure gas. This process will avoid the plugging and drying of the spraying nozzle.

The normal ones when using spray lubricants.
Protect eyes efficiently and avoid vapors inhalation.
DO NOT SMOKE WHEN USING. Can under pressure, do not hole, neither heat or place near a flame, even when empty.

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