Brugarolas BESLUX RAMCA 320


BESLUX RAMCA 320 it?s?solid-free? synthetic oil for high temperature and heavy loads lubrication. Builds a transparent lubricating film with excellent load carrying capacity, even at extreme temperatures.

BESLUX RAMCA 320 leaves practically no residues, even when is overheated. Neither hard carbon residues nor lacquers are produced on central lubrication systems, plain bearings, joints, etc….

BESLUX RAMCA 320 gives an excellent lubrication capacity, reduces friction and protects against corrosion and wear, at temperatures till 230 ?C.

Due to its superior lubrication capacity, adherence and thermal stability, BESLUX RAMCA 320 gives outstanding results when compared with others mineral or synthetic oils.

? High thermal stability
? Low residues building
? Residues are soluble in fresh oil; no hard carbon
? Reduces friction; protects against wear
? Does not build depsits; solids free
? Good pumpability; suitable for central lubrication systems
? High viscosity index; low viscosity-temp. Variations
? Compatible with mineral oils
? High adhesion capacity; low consumption
? Service temp till 230 ?C

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