Circulation Oil-HP is premium quality general circulation oil. Circulation Oil-HP is formulated from solvent refined high viscosity index paraffinic base stock combined with anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, to ensure protection against, wear and high temperature operations.

Operational Benefits

  • ?Excellent high temperature chemical and oxidation stability
  • ?Excellent wear protection for longer equipment life
  • ?Superior rust an corrosion protection
  • ?Long fluid life


Circulation Oil-HP is recommended for lubrication of plain bearings, anti-friction bearings and parallel shaft gears in heavy industry applications. It can also be used in worm gear lubrications where load to moderate. Circulation Oil-HP can also be used in hydraulic system and compressor applications where recommended.

Circulation Oil-HP has a superior load carrying ability giving better wear protection and longer machine life. Circulation Oil-HP has high thermal stability ensuring deposit, sludge and varnish free system. Circulation Oil-HP gives superior rust protection and is readily demulsifiable from water in system reservoirs.

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