Dupont Krytox GPL 227

DuPont Performance Lubricants understands the needs and challenges of textile manufacturers and mills. Our DuPont? Krytox? oils and greases provide cost-effective, proven, superior performance and extended life to textile machinery, preventing costly equipment failure, maintenance and downtime. That?s why we are a leading supplier of high performance PFPE lubricants to the textile industry.

Krytox? lubricants are designed to surpass conventional lubricants, withstanding temperature extremes from ?57?C (?70?F) to 300?C (572?F). Krytox? retains its integrity and continues to lubricate even at the high temperatures that can cause conventional lubricants to carbonize and destroy the bearing or gear. Because Krytox? does not carbonize, it leaves no tar behind in bearings, helping to increase machine reliability.

Krytox? lubricants can be the ideal choice for a variety of textile applications, including:
? Tenter frame chain clip bearings
? Cross screw boxes
? Bearings in heat zones of hot flue ovens
? Bearings in dryer cans and steamers

The Textile Industry Values DuPont? Krytox? Lubricants Mills, finishing plants and manufacturers choose Krytox? for many reasons:
? Cost-effective performance
? Worldwide availability
? Resistant to chemicals and detergents typically used in the textile industry
? Provides extended lubrication and longer equipment life
? No oxidation or degradation
? Offers protection from rust and high-temperature corrosion
? Compatible with oxygen and chlorine, and all metals, elastomers, and plastics
? Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures
? World-class technical service

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