Elba Maximum Moly CS2

Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 is a calcium sulfonate complex grease that offers superior high temperature lubrication coupled with outstanding mechanical stability for minimized grease run out. Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 also provides extremely high load carrying capacity, optimized control of rust and corrosion, excellent water resistance and solid protection against heavy shock loads and severe equipment operation. Contains 3% molybdenum disulfide (Moly).
Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 is proven in the toughest high temperature applications including brick kilns, asphalt plant equipment and wheel bearings associated with disc brakes. With bearing temperatures up to 475° F, Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 performed while other complex and polyurea greases failed. Other field testing in shaker screens, cone crushers, conveyors, loaders, trucks, etc. illustrated that Elba Maximum Moly CSC 2 is truly a versatile multipurpose grease with superior performance in general equipment lubrication as well as in high temperature service.

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