G.A. 238 Antiseize and Antirust paste.


Antiseize and antirust paste. Superior to protect any type of bolts, screws and threads as well as endless screws, hinges, slide bearings and bearings exposed to high temperatures, vibrations, etc
Specifically designed to be used under high temperatures whenever corrosion, seizing and generally blockage or threads must be faced.

  • – Makes de mounting and demounting of treated parts easier
  • – Allows to recover and reuse the mounted pieces with the consequent spare parts saving.
  • – Resist very heavy loads due to its high solid lubricants content.
  • – Long life and efficiency.
  • – Resist temperatures up to 1.100? C (without contact with air).



Applied manually with paint brush, cloth, etc., direct to the surface to be protected. Does not need previous treatment. The surfaces to be treated must be as clean as possible to avoid that oxide, dust, grease, etc., remnant makes the adhesion difficult

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