L-840 — Lubricant, Antirust and Permeating Agent

L-840 is a lubricating and anti-rusting penetration agent forming thin film on metal surface?to protect all kinds of metal. With excellent water displace ability and penetrability, it is ideal for keeping outdoor electric systems and ordinary equipment. With high moisture- proofing ability, it prevents short of electric products, and protects metals against rust and corrosion.

Anti-rusting : Ideal for anti-rusting of the metal parts, machinery and its parts under?processing or waiting for next process. Ideal for protection of outdoor electric systems (prevention of short circuit and failure)

Lubrication : A lubricant showing anti-abrasion, antifriction and heat resistance.?Highly effective in lubricating the precision machinery and its accessories?requiring quick penetrability, moisture removal and drying.

Penetrability : It penetrates quickly between the fine cracks of dirt, contaminants or rust and accelerates the degradation of their molecules to help their relaxation.

Safety : Since chloric solvents are not used, it does not influence plastics, paint, rubber,?textile and wires.

Disassembly of fixated bolts and nuts
Cleaning grease, oil dirt, rust and corroded impurities off equipment and machinery
Electric systems of auto mobiles and diesel trains
Maintenance of military equipment
Maintenance of communication equipment on the ground, high land and in the sea
Lubrication and cleaning of generators and motors

Maintenance of equipment : aircrafts, automobiles, elevators, hoists, air tools and electric equipment?Relaxation of pressurized area of machinery for industry, vessel, agriculture and transportation, and home appliances


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