LONG 2 Heavy Duty Rust-Preventer

Long #2 is a special long-term antirust agent. It is specially manufactured to be used in the?chemical environment like hard weather condition or severe corrosion. Thick wax-type film?protects equipment against moisture, acid, alkali and salinity. Excellent effects for lengthening?service life, decreasing abrasion caused by corrosion, and lubrication.



Powerful antirust agent (indoors : 3 years, outdoors: 2 years)
Powerful wax-type film formation
Excellent water displacement

Rustproofing : Thick wax-type film protects equipment against moisture, acid, alkali and salinity?or their evaporation, maintaining strong antirust effects. The product maintains antirust effects?for three years outdoors and two years indoors, and is used for vessels, airplanes and chemical?plants.

Lubrication : Excellent anti-abrasion, antifriction and heat-resistance. Excellent peremeability?making it penetrate into fine cracks to show antirust and lubrication effects. Also, with excellent?adhesiveness, it is not peeled easily, protecting equipment against water or sea water.

Water displacement : Low surface tension and high permeability. High water repellency and water?displacement creating excellent insulation effects. Excellent electric property making it ideal for?protection of electric system.

Stability : As it does not silicon except chloric solvents, it is not harmful to plastics, rubber, paint,?textile, wire and plated area. Green product without using freon gas. It can be used while?equipment operates. Easy-to-use aerosol product.

Equipment, tools, engine and military supplies for long-term keeping indoors and outdoors?Vessels, chemical plants and airplanes under hard conditions like moisture, salinity, acid and?alkali.
Automobiles, snowplow, military equipment, hoist, agricultural machinery and railway cars easily?exposed to corrosion?Outdoor electric system, irrigation facility, military transportation vehicles and their electric?systems.


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