LPS 3 Premier Rust Inhibitor

LPS-3 is the long-term, waxy film, premier rust inhibitor; protects even in the harshest environment

LPS-3-Premier-Rust-Inhibitor-kktradersPakistan-2 LPS-3-Premier-Rust-Inhibitor-kktradersPakistan-3


  • Protects for up to 2 years indoors
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Safe on all metals
  • Safe to use on rubber, fabric, plastics, and paints
  • Inhibits exfoliation and filiform corrosion of aluminum
  • Safe on all metals
  • Penetrates to displace moisture


  • Aircraft fuselages
  • Battery terminals
  • Cables, chains, and pulleys
  • Cargo sections
  • Interior sections of vehicle doors
  • Metal parts
  • Pumps and hose assemblies

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