Moly-Flo HT

Moly-Flo HT is a blend of high molecular weight synthetic lubricant, reinforced by the addition of high purity micronised Molybdenum Disulfide and other additives.
Moly-Flo HT has been specially developed to overcome the problems in lubricant of slow moving bearings in conditions, which are constantly subject to high temperature. In excess of 200?C the synthetic lubricant eventually evaporates & leaves a thin film of solid lubricant.
Moly-Flo HT is chemically stables and not subjects to atmospheric oxidation under ambient conditions. Its chemical stability is demonstrated by the retention of its viscosity, tackiness and failure to harden or to form resinous mass. Unlikely normal high temperature lubricants, no carbon residue are deposited thus prevents chocking of oil and grease ways of bearings.

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