Wire Pulling Compound is a water-soluble polymer gel with PTFE specifically designed to facilitate smooth pulling of electrical and communications wires and cables. It clings to the cable to provide maximum friction reduction and superior lubricity throughout the entire pull and to avoid wire damage from high pulling forces. It dries to a very thin film that will ease cable removal if required.

Wire Pulling Compound is compatible to all commonly used cable types and conduits for electrical, electronic, telecommunications and data applications including coaxial and fibre optic? cable. It has no damaging effects on physical or electrical properties of all types of cable jackets.

It is easy to apply without drips and runs allowing for clean overhead and vertical application. Excess can easily be cleaned up with water.

Operational Benefits

  • ?Maximum friction reduction ? For long pulls and difficult pulling applications
  • ?Safe for user and environment ? Non toxic, non flammable, harmless to skin on contact, biodegradable
  • ?Compatible ? To a wide range of cable jackets and conduits
  • ?Easy application ? By hand, brush or pump
  • ?Easy clean up ? By wiping with water
  • ?Leaves very thin film that does not block conduit and eases removal
  • ?No residue ? After evaporation less than 1% non combustible residue
  • ?Non staining
  • ?Slow drying
  • Ideal for overhead applications and vertical installations


  • ?For pulling light weight communication and data network cables including fibre optic cables
  • ?For pulling industrial power and telecom cables over long distances
  • ?For long cable pulls and difficult cable pulling applications
  • ?Safe to use with all commonly used materials such as rubber, neoprene, nylon, PVC, PE, semi-conducting jacket

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